The house is perfect for up to four people. We would prefer stays of at least three nights. Unfortunately, animals are not allowed. Everything else gladly by mail.

The house has a simple floor plan with a curved wall that creates privacy towards the road. All rooms overlook the open landscape to the west and have access to the large covered terrace. The beds are standing along the facade so they can be accessed both from the inside and directly from the terrace. Likewise the shower can be accessed directly from outside as well as inside. When the long row of glass doors are open, the small bedrooms and shower feel like alcoves along the covered terrace.

The staircase and the kitchen block are built into solid volumes of concrete bricks that frame the main living space. The curved stone wall is recessed to create a small court for the first morning sun protected from the wind. The wood structure forms a green house on the first floor. It contains a large and bright space for growing vegetables, a studio for creative work and great place to enjoy the view and daylight despite the changing weather. A bathtub and a bed turns the greenhouse into a spectacular space during spring and Autumn. In the warm seasons the house appears to include the entire garden circumfered by the curvy wall and green hedges. Interior and exterior spaces grow together through the many openings. In the winter, the compact insulated house becomes a small and cosy place to see the landscape and changing weather through the panoramic windows.

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